Hudson Valley Property Maintenance

Customer satisfaction is only the starting point. We want more. We want to leave you proud of your outdoor property, where you can truly enjoy being outdoors with your family and friends. At Hudson Valley Property Maintenance, we’re experienced landscape professionals who love what we do, and we’re intent on providing the same quality and service you get from luxury brands — without the luxury price tag.

We’re a family-owned local business with a personal stake in making your property look amazing each and every moment. So we have some of the best personnel in the game to handle every aspect of the job.


We offer a single point of contact, which means your project is expertly coordinated and smoothly executed every time.

At Hudson Valley Property Maintenance we specialize in caring for your landscape through effective communication and proper management and by taking a customer-first approach. We understand our customers and their needs, and we are dedicated to ensuring that you get the greatest care for your landscape. By establishing a special relationship with each customer, we provide the most personalized care possible. Our management emphasizes consistent communication with each customer on a routine basis to assure quality.